Coming Up

The new Coming Up calendar allows you to easily see medical appointments that your patient has shared with you, add 'To Dos' for things you need to remember and view your offers of support.

Tap the calendar icon in the bottom nav bar to view To Dos (which include offers of help) and Requests from your friend or family member.

You can toggle between your To Dos and Requests that need your response.The status of the To Dos is shown so you can if these offers have been accepted and completed.


offer Help

Your friend or family member may not feel comfortable requesting your help. So now we have added the feature so supporters can offer their time to help someone going through a health challenge.

You can add an offer by tapping 'Offer your time' from the home screen. Tap to add a title, Yes to offer to the patient and add the details. This will send a notification to your friend or family member who can accept or decline your offer.

Once accepted it's in both your Coming Up calendars.

Your friend or family member can 'Request help' from you when they need it. Once accepted this will be in your Coming Up calendar.



We know there are times when it's difficult to manage day-to-day life outside of the hospital. Perhaps supporters are busy or on holiday, or there is an ongoing need that requires the expertise and understanding of thrivorCREW. 

Our trained thrivorCREW staff are nursing students that understand the challenges of a health crisis. thrivorCREW can support you with everyday tasks such as:

  • health paperwork and phone calls - sorting through the bills, expenses, insurance claims and medical documents 
  • home help - grocery shopping, light housework, running errands, preparing meals
  • picking up children

LiveChat us or send an email to find out how thrivorCREW can support you or a loved one. Watch the video now to find out more.