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How does the thrivorWALLET work?

The thrivorWALLET is how you can provide financial support to your loved ones during a health challenge.

You can top up your thrivorWALLET from a selected debit or credit card (allow up to 48 hours for top-up funds to clear).

You can then chip into one of your supporter group’s thrivorWALLET from the balance in your thrivorWALLET. They will receive an SMS alert. To withdraw funds from your thrivorWALLET you will need to add a bank account. You can update the card details and bank account from Settings/Payment Types at any time.

What is the minimum amount I can top up / chip in?

The minimum top up / chip in amount is $10.

What is the maximum amount I can top up / chip in?

The maximum amount you can top up / chip in is $1000.

Are there any fees?

1% surcharge on credit card payments. We only pass on dishonor fees as per bank charges of xxx.

Are my credit card and or bank account details secure?

Yes, we use industry best practices to ensure that your credit card or bank account details are kept as safe as possible.

Do I get a payment summary?

You can view your transaction history by going into the Wallet screen, tapping the balance top right and tap History.