The Undiagnosed Diseases Program has introduced you to the thrivor so you can  receive your appointments and reminders through this app on your mobile device.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to assist you in managing your appointments and connecting you with the people that support you throughout your time with The Undiagnosed Diseases Program and beyond.  

how will The Undiagnosed diseases Program share appointments?

The Undiagnosed Diseases Program will share appointments with you via the mobile app. You will receive an SMS alert when an appointment has been shared with you. Go into the app and tap on Coming Up calendar in the navigation to view the appointment detail. You can mark the appointment as attended which will send an alert to The Undiagnosed Diseases Program. If you have an issue attending or need to reschedule you can contact The Undiagnosed Diseases Program using the number in the appointment detail screen.

what are supporters?

You can invite friends and family from your device contacts list to download the app and join your private thrivor group as Supporters. You can then ask supporters for help, chat with them, or share your UDP appointments so they know your schedule.

how do i ask my supporters for help?

Request help or accept offers of help from your supporter group via the app. Simply add a To Do and assign to selected Supporters to ask them for help with things such as meals, transport, etc. They will receive a notification message and can accept or decline. Or, respond to an offer of help from your Supporters by accepting their offer or declining for now. These can be flexible or set to a specific time. 

Can i communicate with my support group?

Make communication easy with those close to you by using thrivor chat. You can send group or private messages to your supporter group to ask for help or share an update.

what is the wallet?

ThrivorWALLET will allow your supporters to chip in financial support to your digital wallet, linked to your nominated bank account. 

how do i use the health files?

Keep track of your expenses, referrals, health cards and other medical records using Health Files. Take a photo or make a voice recording to access this important information via the thrivor app.

Can I use Thrivor after the Undiagnosed diseases program is finished? 

You can continue to use the free thrivor app to organise any future appointments or requesting support from friends and family once you are no longer on The Undiagnosed Diseases Program.