We are a health technology solution and services business

thrivor facilitates the gap that exists between the patient and the health service relationship

The thrivor platform has two key products:

  • An end user patient app that acts as a support tool for life outside a patient’s clinical care
  • An administration portal for communication and appointment facilitation for health service providers

patient /carer profiles 

Manage patient and carer profiles in the administration portal and set up patient groups or trial groups. Manage patient and carer consent using digital signatures in the admin portal or via the mobile app.

health files

Share appointment information, referral letters and other health files from the admin portal to the patient's mobile app.

appointment management

Create and share appointments from the administration portal to the patients and/or primary carers' mobile app. Appointments can be marked as attended and sync with the device's native calendar.


Facilitate payments from a health site’s admin portal to a patient’s app WALLET.

Payments or rewards can be triggered on appointment status being updated. 


Reminders and notifications for shared appointments. Manage communications with patient groups or individual patients/primary carers using email, push notifications or SMS.

reporting & data

Reporting and data insights managed via the admin portal. 

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