MedAdvisor partners with Thrivor App to improve the journey for patients with serious and complex illnesses

MedAdvisor Limited, Australia’s leading digital medication management company, is pleased to announce it has partnered with Thrivor to innovate long term patient care by harnessing the efficiencies of smart technology. 

The goals of MedAdvisor and Thrivor are highly complementary in that they seek to provide support for people dealing with serious illness, leveraging technology to provide convenience and improve the lives of patients.

 The tumult caused by serious illness often places a significant administrative burden on patients and their supporter base. Managing multiple appointments and medications can create confusion and a lack of coordination during this critical time in the patients’ health journey. By linking the patient experience with Thrivor and MedAdvisor, patients, along with their critical supporter base can feel more in control, leading to a better co-ordinated experience for those dealing with a serious illness. This may include booking and coordinating appointments including the travel to these via an API with Uber.

The partnership represents an important first step towards improving the patient’s experience as well as recognising the benefits for patients to have a connected supporter base that help a patient deal with the challenges faced during and after a serious health issue. The Thrivor app includes functionality to help keep track of medical expenses and records as well as maintaining a health wallet allowing family and friends to contribute financially for patients to pay for services required.

The agreement will see MedAdvisor awarded 5% of the Equity in Thrivor. Further commercial opportunities, such as Clinical Trial Recruitment and support via Patient Programs will follow.

 Robert Read, CEO of MedAdvisor commented: “MedAdvisor has created a platform that helps over 1million people manage their medication by giving patients a live medication list and allowing them to order their prescriptions from their favourite pharmacy or GP. Many of the patients on our platform are living with cancer and other serious and complex illnesses which we know is an extremely emotional time. By partnering with Thrivor we can provide these patients with easier access to a world class app to manage their medication along with an app designed to coordinate and organise the complexities of their serious illness, such as cancer.

 Working together also broadens the clinical trial opportunities to help pharmaceutical manufacturers by offering a solution that can identify hard to reach eligible patients and manage their trial compliance. MedAdvisor can be a point of connection for other more specialised apps that have vital roles to play in our health system and working with Thrivor is a critical step towards more digital players working collaboratively for better health outcomes.”

Justin McLean, Founder of Thrivor commented: “The journey during serious illness of a patient is disjointed and intimidating. Serious illness is a time fraught with uncoordinated experiences and patients are completely unprepared for what is ahead. There is little technology specifically focused on patients and their families during this time to facilitate and coordinate their everyday life. There is also poor communication and preparation between the patient and the health services which often results in inefficiencies and “no shows” within health sites such as Clinical Trial Sites and Hospitals. The collaboration of MedAdvisor and Thrivor platforms is a no brainer to deliver benefits for the patient and stakeholders in the health system”


About MedAdvisor

MedAdvisor is a world class medication management platform focused on addressing the gap and burden of medication adherence. Founded with a desire to simplify medication management, the highly automated and intuitive Australian software system connects patients to their community pharmacy, providing them with real time access to their personal medication records. Available free on mobile and internet devices, the platform also incorporates a variety of valuable and convenient features including reminders and pre-ordering of medications, which together improves adherence to common medications by approximately 20%.

Since launching in 2013, MedAdvisor has welcomed more than one million users through its connections with >55% of Australian pharmacies and thousands of GPs across Australia. MedAdvisor was recognised in the 2018 AFR Fast 100.

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About Thrivor

Thrivor is a SaaS platform delivered through a web-browser and app interface focused on assisting patients and their families when dealing with a serious illness. The administration portal is designed to assist health institutions manage communications, appointment facilitation and payments. The Patient and Supporter app acts as a support tool for life outside a patient’s clinical care – including appointment managements, payments, health files and communications. Thrivor has been live in the market for just over one year and has 2 major clients, Linear Clinical Research and the Undiagnosed Diseases program within the WA Department of Health.

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