This Australian tech startup has set out to revolutionise the experience of cancer and chronic disease with a new app

"Thrivor, a new Australian business with a mission to dramatically improve the experience of those affected by cancer and other chronic illnesses, recently launched.

Thrivor seeks to provide a practical, seamless end-to-end experience for people outside of the hospital, helping to better navigate their daily lives and organise support through the app’s features in a fragile and confusing time.

Justin McLean, a global PwC strategy partner, launched his vision for the app following his own personal experiences as well as global research into the pain points experienced by patients and carers in the US, the UK and Australia.

The role of mobile solutions is only beginning to be utilised in the health sector, unlike other sectors which have already seen rapid development. Thrivor aims to empower those faced with a health crisis, putting them in the best possible position to thrive day to day, no matter what their prognosis." Read more