Why is it that there is a standard for making a Big Mac, yet we still, in the 21st century, don’t have a standard for the cancer experience?”
— Justin McLean, Thrivor

It started with the diagnosis nobody wants to hear: You have cancer.

When Justin heard those words from his doctor, he realized there was no option but to beat it. For his wife, his children, himself, he had to live. There was noplanb. Central to noplanb, was an aspiration to not merely survive cancer, but to thrive and live. To become not merely a survivor, but a thrivor

"In a world of technology and amazing medical breakthroughs, it's up to a local hospital to determine the appropriate experience for a cancer sufferer. This has resulted in incredibly poor results for the patient and a horribly inefficient health system." - Justin


Thrivor seeks to put the patient and it's caregivers in the best possible place to thrive during their cancer experience.Cancer is a disgusting disease and not everyone will beat it. This is the reality. We want to recognize the physical, intellectual and emotional needs for someone to prosper during their cancer journey, so they can focus on the things that matter. 

Thrivor seeks to build an end-to-end experience that recognizes these components required to thrive. 


Read more about Justin's journey with cancer and his road to recovery with cycling enthusiasts, Rapha.

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