About us

There is currently no coordination for the 24 hour life of a patient during a health journey.  The current process is not patient centric or tech enabled.

Thrivor provides a coordinated experience

  • Has the ability to empower patients and their community by giving them visibility of their experience and their support network.

  • Connects the experience of the patient that is operating in a fragmented health system.

  • Understands the health journey for a patient is not just the limited hours they are in hospital.

  • Connects the health site with the patients enabling better engagement with the patient and their supporters

  • Enables swift communication between the health site and the patient enabling real time updates

  • Brings technology to the appointment system so that patients attend when they are supposed to and are prepared for their appointments

  • Brings efficiency to the Clinical Trial payment system by streamlining the process from administration portal to patients app


To bring empowerment and coordination through technology for a patient and their community.