About us

There is currently no coordination for the 24 hour life of a patient during a health journey.  The current process is not patient centric or tech enabled.

Thrivor provides a coordinated experience

•Has the ability to empower patients and their community by giving them visibility of their experience and their support network.

•Connects the uncoordinated experience of the patient that is operating in a fragmented health system.

•Understands the health journey for a patient is not just the limited hours they are in hospital.

We will bring your support network close, help you to organize your appointments, and assist you with all the logistics around your life that still need to continue even after your diagnosis.

  • The current experience outside the Hospital, for those in a health crisis is broken, uncoordinated and technology bereft.

  • Those who have had a diagnosis are left to navigate their journey in an environment that is disjointed, with support highly fragmented, where they are not receiving the assistance they need.

  • Thrivor has taken a “patient back” view of the end-to-end experience and has identified the gaps and seeks to bring them together.

  • Thrivor will solve these problems by aggregating products and services in a single mobile first platform that will act as a coordinating tool for those going through a health crisi and their support network.

  • Thrivor is beginning to partner with incumbents in the health system; e.g. hospitals and insurers, but also recognizes that the solution lies outside the health system. As such, Thrivor seeks to connect with mobile, scalable partners that can assist in solving these everyday challenges.

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The induction to cancer is harrowing, lonely and arduous. The aspiration of Thrivor is simply this...to fearlessly and unashamedly advocate for the needs of the those going through a health challenge, their family and caregivers, putting them in the best possible place to thrive no matter what their prognosis.

Cancer is a disgusting disease that robs people of choice and control. It is a process that takes every emotional, intellectual and physical fibre of one's constitution. This is something that is hard to change, but we can change everything else around it, starting with one's cancer experience. 

To achieve this, Thrivor has begun to globally collaborate unashamedly with health players, corporates, financiers and by far most importantly, those suffering, to begin to make change. Thrivor does not seek for one moment to have all the answers. This is a hugely complex problem and no one party has the answer, but together we may have a chance.