It started with the diagnosis nobody wants to hear: You have cancer. 

Imagine if you worked all your life, was not extravagant, saved your money, and on the eve of retirement, there is a knock on your door telling you that you have lost all your savings. You are bankrupt and they are not sure why. That’s cancer. No dialogue. No preparation. No forewarning. Just a decision from someone, somewhere that you are up.”
— Justin McLean, Thrivor

Thrivor Founder, Justin McLean

Watch Justin McLean discuss his personal cancer experience and how that has lead to Thrivor; helping solve the everyday challenges of living with a chronic disease.

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Thrivor App Launching

The Thrivor app brings together products and services to support patients outside their medical care, from transport to treatment, to the everyday logistics that it takes to keep your life running after a chronic disease diagnosis, starting with cancer. Learn more



A powerful half-hour film documenting one man's experience of his body at war with itself. Founded in Australia by cyclist and former cancer patient Justin McLean, Thrivor is a Social Enterprise that acts to redefine the experience of cancer patients, their families and carers around the world. Learn more