It started with the diagnosis nobody wants to hear: You have cancer.

When his doctor delivered that news, Justin McLean realized there was no option but to beat it. For his partner, his children, himself, he had to live. There was no plan B, which quickly became a mantra; an aspiration to not just survive cancer, but to thrive. To live. To become not merely a survivor, but a thrivor 

Imagine if you worked all your life, was not extravagant, saved your money, and on the eve of retirement, there is a knock on your door telling you that you have lost all your savings. You are bankrupt and they are not sure why. That’s cancer. No dialogue. No preparation. No forewarning. Just a decision from someone, somewhere that you are up.”
— Justin McLean, Thrivor


The induction to cancer is harrowing, lonely and arduous. The aspiration of Thrivor is simply fearlessly and unashamedly advocate for the needs of the patient, family and caregivers, putting them in the best possible place to thrive during their cancer experience.

Cancer is a disgusting disease that robs people of choice and control. It is a process that takes every emotional, intellectual and physical fiber of ones constitution. This is something that is hard to change, but we can change everything else around it, starting with ones cancer experience. 

Thrivor’s aim is to put the patient's interests and needs at the heart of every decision made during their journey from diagnosis to completion. We need to free the patient and loved ones to focus solely on the effort required to beat cancer, not all the distractions that occur when one enters the health system. The health system is well-intentioned but horribly inefficient and sub optimal for the patient at a hugely vulnerable time in ones life. Thrivor seeks to build an end-to-end experience that recognizes these components required to thrive and integrate them as seamlessly as possible.

To achieve this standard, Thrivor will globally collaborate unashamedly with health players, corporates, financiers and by far most importantly, patients to build this standard. It does not seek for one moment to have all the answers. This is a hugely complex problem and no one party has the answer, but together we may have a chance.


A powerful half-hour film documenting one man's experience of his body at war with itself. Founded in Australia by cyclist and former cancer patient Justin McLean, thrivor is a Social Enterprise that acts to redefine the experience of cancer patients, their families and carers around the world. To help promote awareness of thrivor’s work, Rapha has produced the thrivor cap, recently modelled by Team Sky’s Richie Porte at the Tour Down Under. We'd love your support. This limited edition cap is now available


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